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Celebrate Fathers

Happy Father's Day text with a coffee mug

Did you know that Father’s Day is June 16th, 2019? Even though fathers should be appreciated every day of the year, Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the father that raised you. There are plenty of ways to show your father the gratitude he deserves, so we’ve decided to share just a few suggestions on ways to celebrate Father’s Day in this week’s Courtland Park Blog.

Practical Gifts

Do you know if your father wants anything in particular? If you do, that would be the perfect gift for him on Father’s Day. There is a notion in the United States that men, especially fathers, would be pleased to get practical gifts like power tools, barbecue related items, or yard equipment. If your father happens to be the type of person who enjoys those things, then you should surprise him with such! If he doesn’t, however, consider the types of practical gifts he may like. Talk to the people closest to him to find out exactly what he wants!

Spend Time with Him

How often do you spend time with your father? If you live away from home, chances are that you don’t really get to see him that often. We recommend spending some time with him outside of regularly scheduled family functions. Do activities that he would enjoy, whether its fishing, going to a movie, or doing some woodworking. Spending quality time will allow you to catch up with him, share what’s going on in your life, and help you develop a stronger bond with your father.

Write Him a Letter

Telling your father how much you love, care, and appreciate him can be difficult, especially if you come from a home where sharing your feelings didn’t happen much. With that being said, we suggest that you don’t shy away from sharing your feelings. Write your father a heartfelt letter sharing with him your favorite memories, how he’s changed your life, and express your thanks for his role in your life.


Do you have any ways you celebrate Father’s Day? Share those ideas with our Arlington, VA apartment community!