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Celebrate Mothers

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Mother’s Day is May 12th and it presents you with a unique opportunity to celebrate mothers. Now, this distinction of mother can be interpreted in a couple ways. You can celebrate the life of the person who gave you life, the life of mothers that you know, or mothers to be! In this week’s Courtland Park Blog, we’ll share with you ways you can celebrate the mothers in your life!

Write Them a Card

Sometimes it’s difficult to say what you appreciate about someone out loud, thankfully, there are other means to express yourself. One of our favorite ways is by writing a card. Cards are generally associated with birthdays, anniversaries, and “get well” cards, but they can also be a good way to express gratitude on Mother’s Day. In your store-bought or handmade card, feel free to make it as long or short as you please, but be sure to make it heartfelt and personal.

Take Them to a Meal

Everyone deserves a break, especially mothers. Help them break from their regular routine by treating them to a meal! Head out to their favorite restaurant on your dime or make them a scrumptious version of their favorite meal. They’re sure to be appreciative to spend the time with you eating a meal they love.

Buy Them Flowers

Flowers may be a simple gesture, but they can help someone feel appreciated. Flowers are closely associated with the emotion of love, which is perfect for Mother’s Day! Find out your mother’s or a mother in your life’s favorite flower and get them a beautifully arranged bouquet. It would be best to deliver these in person, but you can use a flower delivery service if you happen to not live by the person you’re wanting to buy these flowers for.

Do you do anything special for the mothers in your life? Let our Arlington,VA apartment community know of them by leaving us a comment.