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Dress for Colder Weather

Neatly folded sweaters

January is here and the weather is still cold, so you’re going to need to bundle up when you head out of your Arlington, VA apartment. Avoid any potential illnesses and keep warm during the season by dressing appropriately. In this week’s Courtland Park Blog, we’ll share some tips that you can consider when picking your outfit for the day.


In the cold weather, the places where we lost heat the most are from our extremities. Our hands, head, and feet generally get cold quicker than out torso, so it’s important to ensure that these parts of our body are covered. Invest in some warm accessories like gloves, socks, and hats. Make sure these accessories are made from thick quality material made for keeping you warm. The best part of these accessories is the fact that you can take them off if you get too warm. Be warned, if you’re wearing a beanie, you might end up having hat hair!


One of the reasons why our torso stays warm longer is that we generally layer that portion of our body better. Layering is one of the simplest ways to keep warm during the cold months, and is a fun way to add some diversity and style to your look! Opt for lighter, looser articles of clothing to avoid feeling cramped and claustrophobic, and make sure that your outermost layer is one that is easily removable. The temperatures in buildings can get quite a bit warmer than outside, so make sure you’re not stuck in clothes that you can’t remove.


The materials your clothing is made of can have a profound effect on how warm you are during the day. Unlike summer, you want to stay away from light fabrics, opting for a thicker material like wool. If you have the money, invest in a jacket that’s filled with down or made from thick warm materials!

Do you have any tips on dressing for colder weather? Leave a comment for our community letting us know of them!