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Express Your Gratitude

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November is a great time to give thanks, especially with Thanksgiving on the 22nd of the month. There are various ways to express your gratitude, but it can be difficult to pick the right way. In this week’s Courtland Park Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions on how you can express your gratitude in an appropriate way this Thanksgiving.

Thank You Notes

Expressing your gratitude can be as simple as saying “thank you.” Thank you notes are a non-invasive way to show someone you’re grateful for the things they’ve done for you. In general, take some time to make a list of the people who have blessed your life that you wish to acknowledge and thank personally. Once you’ve got that list, you can pick a few and write them heartfelt thank you notes. If they don’t live close to you, sent it through the mail, but if at all possible, give it to them in person. Such a gesture will really show them how much you care.  

Gratitude Journals

Adopt an attitude of gratitude by writing down all the things you should be grateful for each night. This can be a difficult task if you’re not accustomed to journaling, but we know that if you do it, you’ll be able to be more grateful for the little things in your life. If you make this a habit, you’ll be able to look back at the journal years down the road and reflect on how many things you have to be grateful for, as well as the people to be grateful to.

Pay it Forward

Popularized by the book Pay it Forward and movie of the same name, paying it forward doesn’t return to favor of a good deed done to you, but instead, it requires you to do a good deed for someone else. Many may wonder what good it is to pay it forward, as it doesn’t involve the person who performed the good deed for you to begin with, but what it does is it starts a chain of good deeds done.

Do you have any ways you like to express your gratitude? Share with our Arlington, VA apartment community by leaving a comment!


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