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oliday Shopping Tips from Courtland Park

Man & woman in winter clothing and the man is offering the woman a gift.

The season of giving has arrived! The cold weather has set in and family is set to come into town. Giving gifts is such a big part of the season, so in this week’s Courtland Park Blog, we are sharing some holiday shopping tips to make it easier for you!

Shop Early

Don’t let the rest of Arlington, VA beat you to the malls or shopping centers. We suggest taking advantage of the procrastinating nature of people to get all the gifts you’re looking for early on! Avoid the stress of dealing with crowds, the long lines, and the holiday music on replay by going early in the month. You may even find some deals that you may not otherwise get if you were to shop later. Don’t wait for the shelves to get empty before going shopping!

Keep it Simple

So many times we tend to overdo it, especially with our kids and those close to us, with expensive or excessive gift giving. Avoid going overboard with gift giving. Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to holiday shopping this can certainly be the case. Try these gift guidelines:

  • Something they want

  • Something they need

  • Something to wear

  • And something to read

Ask if Necessary

If you are unsure what to get a loved one, you don’t have to look further than the person you’re purchasing the gift for. It may seem a little crazy, but the best way to find out what your loved ones want is by asking them! This way, you don’t have to wonder what they want and it can streamline your gift purchasing trips.

Do you have any holiday shopping tips to share with our Arlington, VA apartment community? Leave us a comment letting us know of them so we can try them out!