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Spring Cleaning

cleaning supplies in a tote agaisnt a backdrop of spring blossoms

Do yourself a favor this April by getting into some spring cleaning! Through the winter, it’s normal for some clutter to accumulate and for things to get a little disorganized, which makes spring cleaning so satisfying! In this week’s Courtland Park Blog, we’ve got a few spring cleaning tips for you to make it easier to tidy up your Arlington, VA apartment.

Clean Your Appliances

One of the most missed places during the cleaning of a home is the appliances. The appliances may include your refrigerator, stove, and even your dishwasher. If you use these appliances regularly, they may need a good cleaning — especially the stove. Take some time during your spring cleaning to focus on these appliances, using a cleaning solution and a clean cloth to scrub the grime and dirt off.

Clean Under Furniture

It’s easy to clean the spots in our home that we can see, but since spring cleaning is about a deep clean, we recommend cleaning under the furniture. Lots of dust and dirt can accumulate under your furniture, so pick up or move the furniture to clean under them! Doing so may give you the satisfaction of knowing all parts of your home are clean when all the cleaning is said and done. You can also use it as an opportunity to rearrange your home for the rest of the year.

Remove the Clutter

Clutter collects over time and can be quite difficult to remove. Your home may seem more untidy due to the various unused or loose items, so we suggest going through your home and pinpointing those items to set aside. How can you tell what should be considered clutter? Consider the amount of use each item has; if you haven’t used it or even touched it in over a year, you probably don’t need it and it can be removed. Remember that not all items need to be thrown away, but can be donated to thrift stores and charities if they are still in decent condition.