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Throw a Halloween Party

lit jack-o-lantern in a window

At the end of the month, there will be many children flooding the streets looking to get some candy through trick-or-treating. The days of you collecting candy may be long over, but you can still take part in the festivities by throwing a Halloween party for your friends! In this week’s Courtland Park Blog, we’ve got a few tips on how you can throw a better Halloween party!

Dress Up

This may seem like a childish practice, but it can really add a lot of flavor to your party! Since it is a Halloween party, encourage your guests to dress in a scary costume. To promote dressing up, you can incentivize your guests by telling them that there will be a prize for the best costume. The prize doesn’t have to be huge. If others are going to dress up, you should, too. Pick your favorite Halloween costume, then rock it with confidence!

Halloween Food

You can get your guests in the spirit of the spooky season by putting out Halloween themed foods. These foods don’t need to be grotesque, but having a some themed foods will certainly set the mood. You can try making a graveyard cake, Halloween Jalapeno popper mummies, or even Rice Krispies Treat brains!


Spider Web Covered Door

Your door is the first thing your guests are going to see, so cover it in fake spider webs and adorn the webs with plastic spiders to make a creepy spider-infested doorway. Pick up some artificial spider webbing, plastic spider rings, and clear fishing wire to make this fun and easy decoration.


A simple and easy way of sprucing up your home for the Halloween season, placing a few jars with decapitated heads is sure to scare any guests that come to your party. We don’t mean actual heads, though. Place a laminated picture of a head (a 360 degree picture) into a jar filled with water you’ve murkied up with green and brown food dye and you’ve got a bonafide scary decoration!